Ideas are Bulletproof

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Ideas are Bulletproof

An idea, you can’t touch it, you can’t hold it, yet you can feel it immensely. Like a pang of uncontrollable emotions it comes to you, just like that. It’s quixotic to define a single causal event behind the creation of an idea one can at best mark its arrival into articulation. People have their ‘aha’ moments while doing all sorts of things, mindlessly staring at the traffic, carelessly going about morning ablutions, after a good night’s sleep, while talking about movies, in the rapture of ethyl alcohol. This final one is notorious for interesting predicaments, the ‘aha’ moment here is usually long and makes you feel all too powerful (there are other nitty-gritty’s here, but let’s leave them).

Some of these ideas you want to make real. If one labours hard and tenaciously, one can get these ideas to work. People start an NGO that helps construction labourers, form a quizzing or a debating circuit, organize a fest, establish camaraderie with their special person, learn a musical instrument and play their favorite tune or conduct an experiment that they think is interesting. Once these ideas are fulfilled there is a great sense of pride in their success. You feel all too powerful (you can have a temporary form of this feeling using other means though) and build up a sense of confidence, a feeling that makes you believe in yourself.

When these ideas don’t work out well, you feel crushed, distressed, dejected and morbid. But then you can find ways to help yourself one way or another. Ideas have this power over you, they have the ability to guide your actions and fill you with emotions.

But, there are those ‘other’ form of ideas, ones for which our imperfect world is not necessarily conducive. These ideas you care for, you nurture them. You have the choice to impose any laws you like on them. You may demand logic and consistency and as a consequence expect beauty. On the other hand you may demand chaos or patterned randomness and expect bliss. You have this freedom over them. You can choose your notions of equality, justice, morality, right, wrong, straight, curved and everything else and build these ideas. These other ideas are not bound in that sense, but they are as real as anything else. You experience them, you feel them while you build and live in them simultaneously. During their ephemeral existence they decide your actions and your predicaments. You can feel joy, sadness, fulfillment, enlightenment, peace, and solace through them. They are as real as fiction.

You explore these other ideas everyday as dreams, each night you live such an idea, while you are in them you can’t make out if you are dreaming or not. For those moments the dream is quite real, and you need not impose natural laws in your dreams as a matter of fact you often break them. Lucky mathematicians construct such dream worlds for a living, a world that abides to logic with its notion of equality and with its own constraints on freedom. A world that has it’s own sense of beauty.

There are other hopeless romantics like the (un)lucky mathematicians who construct these other ideas. Where, they have their own rules, their own social protocols. They experience joy, sadness, betrayal, bliss and all the gamut of emotions through their idea. It is as real as things can be for them.

The fact that these ideas can be brought into real life (here ‘real’ implies the banal sense of the word) is disconcerting for some and not so for others. But probably it is irrelevant because one can always live these other ideas in their pristine form, all one has to do is close ones eyes and imagine, after all ideas are bulletproof.


How to infuriate a math major

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Obama on Diwali

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Hidden Variable theories in danger!

Quantum Frontiers

The RSS subscriptions which populate my Google Reader mainly fall into two categories: scientific and other. Sometimes patterns emerge when superimposing these disparate fields onto the same photo-detection plate (my brain.) Today, it became abundantly clear that it’s been a tough week for hidden variable theories.

Let me explain. Hidden variable theories were proposed by physicists in an attempt to explain the ‘indeterminism’ which seems to arise in quantum mechanics, and especially in the double-slit experiment. This probably means nothing to many of you, so let me explain further: the hidden variables in Tuesday’s election weren’t enough to trump Nate Silver’s incredibly accurate predictions based upon statistics and data (hidden variables in Tuesday’s election include: “momentum,” “the opinions of undecided voters,” and “pundit’s hunches.”) This isn’t to say that there weren’t hidden variables at play — clearly the statistical models used weren’t fully complete and will someday…

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About Our Farm

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On some inauspicious day two lonely rabbits got together and decided to do an experiment. They looked at the jungle around them and saw no activity. Confused at how so many animals can remain in a state of quiescence they asked themselves

“Which drug had the animals sniffed that they always remained in Nirvana and never chose to do anything?”

The rabbits decided to stroll through the jungle to find that drug so that they too could have a taste of Nirvana themselves. They searched the whole jungle threadbare, they found well dried and nicely packed nicotiana, they discovered cannabis they also found some caramel colored liquid at a few places. The rabbits turn by turn consumed all of these, they touched nirvana for a while but could never stay there for long. They coughed and wretched and became sure that a constant state of inactivity could not be maintained like this.

The rabbits noticed during their search of the jungle that a few animals went around to meet the older animals in big congregations while some others slept in their dens a few others went to places they called work dens. They noticed all of them and figured that one thing was common among all of them, the animals only spoke to their own kind. They never interacted with animals different from them. This puzzled the rabbits.

The two rabbits looked at each other, and they realized they also spoke to rabbits only. They decided to check out what the other animals spoke about. They went to the monkeys who were notorious for jumping from tree to tree and making loud noises. They listened to what the monkeys had been saying, they were discussing monkey dance moves. It seemed to them the monkeys were fascinated by dance and music. The monkeys used to get all hyped up at the mention of the name of “GRAND MONKEY DANCER” and “GUITAR GOD MONKEY”.

The monkeys spoke about the great music they had produced and the stories behind the development of the music and lyrics. The rabbits laughed at the funny names of these artists but found this new information fun. In the rabbit talk it was not common to talk about music and dance. Rabbits only spoke about food and cracked very low grade jokes. The rabbits noticed that while the monkeys spoke a lot they seldom were able to pull of a dance show all by themselves and found it very hard for other monkeys to even join them. They wondered why?

The rabbits hopped and went to see the horses. The horses seemed like a happy lot. They used to playing in the fields and enjoy the sports. The rabbits looked at the horses for a few days but noticed that the number of horses playing each time was variable. They listened to a few horses talking once. The horses spoke about the greatest players and their triumphs and what was happening in the sports arena. They spoke about various exercises the horses did in order to make muscles. But soon the horses complained that the other horses were not punctual for the game and how they did not exercise. They accrued this to the fact that there was no driving force.

The rabbits learned just by listening to the horses the nuances of sports and how various exercises helped the horses build muscles, they thought some day they could also build muscles like the horses. The rabbits also empathized with the discontent of the horses and felt that all horses should know the exercises properly so that all of them could become stallions. The rabbits looked around and saw goats, sheep, rhinos, hippos, panthers, they applied the BIRDS TWO POINT TEST and concluded that all the animals did some or the other thing. The things that animals spoke about were interesting but none of the animals pursued their interest to a great extent. The few ones who did were mired by dissatisfaction because of issues of motivation etc. But one thing the rabbits were sure of that visiting these new worlds of other animals had been fun. They were enthused to exercise like the horses and dance like monkeys, they also now knew much more about music and sports and felt pretty smug in that.

The rabbits realized that the conclusion that the jungle was quiescent was farcical it just lacked the luster of a brimming culture. The rabbits felt that if all animals interacted as a mass then they would have fun time learning different things and that this would allow cultural luster to shine out. They immediately remembered the song “Shine on you crazy diamond” that the monkeys had been gaga about and thought that applied perfectly to the jungles predicament. They hypothesized that this would solve the problems of the horses, monkeys and the like. As recognition from other animals may provide the driving force needed to run activities for longer. Who knows maybe the monkeys could help the horses by performing at the horse sports functions!

So the rabbits invite you to the add luster to our jungle and dive into the rabbit hole and just talk to the other animals through OUR FARM.