Ideas are Bulletproof

Posted: November 16, 2012 by muser in Musing

Ideas are Bulletproof

An idea, you can’t touch it, you can’t hold it, yet you can feel it immensely. Like a pang of uncontrollable emotions it comes to you, just like that. It’s quixotic to define a single causal event behind the creation of an idea one can at best mark its arrival into articulation. People have their ‘aha’ moments while doing all sorts of things, mindlessly staring at the traffic, carelessly going about morning ablutions, after a good night’s sleep, while talking about movies, in the rapture of ethyl alcohol. This final one is notorious for interesting predicaments, the ‘aha’ moment here is usually long and makes you feel all too powerful (there are other nitty-gritty’s here, but let’s leave them).

Some of these ideas you want to make real. If one labours hard and tenaciously, one can get these ideas to work. People start an NGO that helps construction labourers, form a quizzing or a debating circuit, organize a fest, establish camaraderie with their special person, learn a musical instrument and play their favorite tune or conduct an experiment that they think is interesting. Once these ideas are fulfilled there is a great sense of pride in their success. You feel all too powerful (you can have a temporary form of this feeling using other means though) and build up a sense of confidence, a feeling that makes you believe in yourself.

When these ideas don’t work out well, you feel crushed, distressed, dejected and morbid. But then you can find ways to help yourself one way or another. Ideas have this power over you, they have the ability to guide your actions and fill you with emotions.

But, there are those ‘other’ form of ideas, ones for which our imperfect world is not necessarily conducive. These ideas you care for, you nurture them. You have the choice to impose any laws you like on them. You may demand logic and consistency and as a consequence expect beauty. On the other hand you may demand chaos or patterned randomness and expect bliss. You have this freedom over them. You can choose your notions of equality, justice, morality, right, wrong, straight, curved and everything else and build these ideas. These other ideas are not bound in that sense, but they are as real as anything else. You experience them, you feel them while you build and live in them simultaneously. During their ephemeral existence they decide your actions and your predicaments. You can feel joy, sadness, fulfillment, enlightenment, peace, and solace through them. They are as real as fiction.

You explore these other ideas everyday as dreams, each night you live such an idea, while you are in them you can’t make out if you are dreaming or not. For those moments the dream is quite real, and you need not impose natural laws in your dreams as a matter of fact you often break them. Lucky mathematicians construct such dream worlds for a living, a world that abides to logic with its notion of equality and with its own constraints on freedom. A world that has it’s own sense of beauty.

There are other hopeless romantics like the (un)lucky mathematicians who construct these other ideas. Where, they have their own rules, their own social protocols. They experience joy, sadness, betrayal, bliss and all the gamut of emotions through their idea. It is as real as things can be for them.

The fact that these ideas can be brought into real life (here ‘real’ implies the banal sense of the word) is disconcerting for some and not so for others. But probably it is irrelevant because one can always live these other ideas in their pristine form, all one has to do is close ones eyes and imagine, after all ideas are bulletproof.


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